Thursday, January 29, 2015

Come Out And Play On The Edge

Come Out And 
Play On The Edge
Curious Bundle

I finished this yesterday. 
Playing and experimenting with colors 
and a window made out of 
jeans. I added a few elements from
a fabric print of a journal page I made several years ago 
to complete the cover as shown above.
It's a nice sized 'curious bundle' and the pockets are
roomy and welcoming. 
The body of the journal is 10.5" tall
and extends to 16" with the fringe. 
It's 51" in length and 11" wide
with 7 big pockets. 

Page peeks.
Pocket 1
Pocket 2
Pocket 3
Pocket 4
Pocket 5
Pocket 6
Pocket 7
Back cover.
I've listed this in my Etsy shop. 
Come out and play. 
This journal is waiting for you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Urban Playground Mini Mighty Curious Bundle

Urban Playground
Mini Curious Bundle
Mixed Media Journal

Hot off the sewing machine and ready for a new home.
I always love to experiment with size when I create journals and this one is 'fun' sized and filled with bits of colorful painted, stained and dyed 140 pound watercolor paper in sizes that range from artist trading and business card sized to pieces that can be used for inchies, moo cards and any tiny bit you might wish to save and give a special place to live.
Inside cover.
Pockets 1 and 2.
Pockets 3 and 4.
Pockets 5 and 6. 
Pockets 7 and 8.
Pockets 9 and 10.
Pockets 11 and 12.
Pockets 13 and 14.
Pockets 15 and 16.
Pockets 17 and 18.
Pockets 19 and 20.
Pockets 21 and 22.
Pockets 23 and 24.
Pockets 25 and 26.
Pockets 27 and 28.
Paper goodies inside.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Over The Edge, Fragments And A Question.

I shared my 'Over The Edge' curious bundle journal a few weeks ago. 'Over The Edge' is destined to be a personal journal for myself but so many folks have shared how much they like it, I've made a mini version of it that I will be listing in my Etsy shop once I add the papers to the pockets; hopefully later this evening. 
'Fragments' curious bundle is tinier but mighty, thus I'm dubbing it 'the mighty mini curious bundle journal' That is a mouth full but so is this journal. It is 76" in length and has a total of 22 pockets. The main body of the journal is 6" wide and about 10" wide including all the fringe. I've used lots of graphic prints, selvedge scraps and other bits of this and that. The base fabric is repurposed jeans that were a gift from Scott; Brittney's boyfriend. One evening he came laden with a hefty stack which I immediately cut apart.
 Since I created this journal along side 'over the edge' I thought I'd walk you through the pockets of each one before I stuff them.
Fragments pocket 1
Fragments pockets 2 and 3. 
I love how the holes in the jeans allow the background fabrics to show through. It will be hidden once the pages are added but then the pages will peek through.
Fragments pockets 4 and 5.
Fragments pockets 6 and 7.
Fragments pockets 8 and 9.
Fragments pockets 10 and 11.
Fragments pockets 12 and 13.
Fragments pockets 14 and 15.
Fragments pockets 16 and 17.
Fragments pockets 18 and 19.
Fragments pockets 20 and 21.
Fragments pocket 22 and this is also 
the back of the journal.

'Over The Edge' 
pocket pages. 
All the jeans pockets
courtesy Scott.
Over the edge pocket 1
Over the edge pockets 2 and 3.
Over the edge pockets 4 and 5.
Over the edge pockets 6 and 7.
Pocket 7 detail. 
I love the tag I harvested from one of Scott's shirts which also provided fabric for some of the pockets in the 'Fragments' bundle.
Over the edge pockets 8 and 9.
Pocket 8 features a swatch of fabric from the very generous Teesha Moore
Over the edge pockets 10 and 11.
Over the edge pockets 12 and 13.
Pocket 12 features more bits of fabric I 
received from Teesha.
Over the edge back of the bundle.

So I have a question for all of you and please respond via comments or email me at if you have any input on this. I'm seriously considering hosting an on-line class featuring the creation of some of my journals. I am only in the development stage at this point. So my question; 'if I build it will you come'?
One of the projects I already know I will be including are 'curious bundles' and I have a few other ideas for the 2nd project. I'd also be including many of the tricks, hints and techniques I use to create my journals. So what do you think? 
Any interest? Thoughts?