Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New York Laundry

New York Laundry
5" by 5" 'HuG" style journal
Finished this little journal yesterday.
It is on it's way to a very good home.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Infinity journal.
8 spines inter-connected 
with a total of 160 pages.
5.5" tall by 5" wide

About 28" or so in length when it's fully expanded and has a 51" wrap around strap to keep it nice and snug.
I finished this journal today. It's full to bursting.
top view.
I'm pleased to say I've tackled 'infinity' and 'eternity' 
and am not sure I can best that. I'm not sure I want to.
There is always another journal to be constructed and created, it's just a matter of figuring out another new way to do it. That is the fun part for me, reworking, revamping, remodeling what a journal can be. It's all about the challenge to me. It goes without saying that I also enjoy the process of creating the pages, bringing them to life, tossing bits of my life down for further contemplation, excavation and sometimes just to get them out into the open and into the light of day. Journaling is like opening a window in a dark, dusty attic, letting in some fresh air, let the wind blow through and move the cobwebs that sometime collect there. Nothing in my journals is too precious to be given a page. I don't edit what goes on them, what you see is what you get. Truth and honesty with the hope that they will be respected for what they are, and if what is there is not always understood by the masses, I know what it all means and if some pages seem a mystery, well that is ok. Life is not always neat and tidy, some things are gonna be messy and I'll be the first to admit my life is often a bit of a mess. These journals hold a great many 'messes' a few secrets, some passion, laced with a wee bit of heart-ache and a few shout outs too.

I just finished getting all of the pages photographed, cataloged and into folders so I can find them easily when I begin to share them here very soon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is It A Journal Or A Slinky

Eternity Journal
Is it a journal or a slinky? Maybe it's both.
 3" by 3" wide
and measuring 
34" in length when completely spread open end to end.
10" tall on it's side from top to bottom
and round and round she goes, 
where she stops and starts nobody knows
1 journal, 16 spines, 320 3" by 3" pages
fabric and paper pages play well together
and are nicely contained with a fabric strap 
tied up neat as you please.
I don't have a clue as to how many hours I have into this little journal but I can share that I had lots of fun filling the wee pages, capturing all manner of thoughts and moments with snippets of this and bits of that, words are scattered liberally on the pages when needed and a few just preferred to be left alone as they were. Binding this kind of journal is a tad challenging and sometimes nerves of steel were

 I plan on sharing almost all of the pages in this journal very soon. Stay tuned. Now that I have 'eternity' all tied up, I'm taking on my 'infinity' journal; a wee bit bigger with 8 spines. More to come on that as well.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Views Around The Studio

For the past few weeks I have been working in this 16 spine mini journal that I shared in this post a few weeks ago.
My art room/studio has become areas of chaos and delight as I go about filling the pages; adding images, words, paint and anything else that I deem worthy in the moment of creation. Art journaling has always been my 'go-to' activity to decompress and make sense of my world and working in a journal that I created, sewed and bound myself makes the process that much more full-filling. Here a few shots around the studio, peeks of where I can lose myself for hours at a time, when I am left undisturbed. These photos are not all that exciting, just offering a glimpse of where I create and the nest I make around myself as I do.
If any of you wonder how I work in this type of journal, this is how I do it. I stack old phone books to the height I need them, I position the spread I'm working on, on top of the phone books with the previous pages cascading down along side the stack. It works great for multiple spine journals or journals that become hefty, fat, cumbersome and sometimes uncontrollable as my of my journals constructions do. I'm always having to figure out how to make them work for me. 
My other secret when I create this kind of journal is to work on the pages before I bind them into the cover and then go back and add to them later on. This journal is almost completely filled; 320 pages full when I'm done. I've also been filling my Infinity journal which as 8 spines and have been going between the 2 as the mood strikes. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Seriously Impressive

Ian Hanson
All photos courtesy Brittney LaFond
BrittneyL Photography

I am blown away. I can't help it. 
I am in awe of her talent and just have to share it here. 
Her photos leave me breathless and 
proud of the dedication to her craft.
 Last week she headed up north 
for a shoot near Cloquet Minnesota with her equally talented friends from 
Scott Nelson, Andrew Mathison, Ian Hanson, Willow River, 
and Joshua Mathison
They were on location at an abandoned 
school house and she captured 
some seriously impressive shots. 
The location
Abandoned schoolhouse
Ryan McGrath
Willow River
Ian Hanson
Ryan McGrath & Ian Hanson
I can't wait to see what she will shoot next?
Notes from a seriously proud Mama.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The North Shore

We over Memorial Day weekend we went on a day trip to Minnesota's North Shore.
We started in Duluth which sits at the tip of Lake Superior. 
When we left the cities it was around 70 and when we got out of the car at the lake, the temp had dropped to about 50. It was CHILLY. There was still ice on the lake. Take a look for yourself.
Once we were satisfied that we'd taken it all in, we headed further north up highway 61 to Gooseberry Falls. With all the recent rainfall we've had and the heavy snow melt from winter, the falls were incredible. I've been here many times in my life and I've never seen the falls this dramatic.
Brittney was able to capture some seriously impressive shots with her new tripod and remote shutter release
 and I am patiently waiting for her to share a few with me so I can post them here. 
There are trails you can follow that take you right down to the water. The river eventually runs into Lake Superior. We wanted to hike all the way to the lake but it was already past 6 in the evening and we still had a long 4 hour drive back home and we hadn't eaten since early afternoon. We had a really enjoyable day. I wish we could visit this area more often. I leave with a few more views.


Friday, June 6, 2014


Today our wayward daughter graduates from high school.
I wish we could celebrate this day with her.
This post; these words are for her,
in the hopes that she will find them.
Congratulations from the family you left behind.
We love you. We always did. 
It's all we have to offer.
We hope someday you will understand what that really means.
Photos courtesy BrittneyL Photography