Saturday, November 22, 2014

'Chasing Rainbows Through A Winter Sky'

'Chasing Rainbows Through A Winter Sky'
Curious Bundle Mixed Media Journal

I just listed this journal in my shop. They've been flying away quick as I can create them. I'm having fun coming up with themes and sewing into the wee hours each night. I have so much fabric and it is wonderful finding another way to send it out into the world to be enjoyed. 

Here are few peeks at this journal.
This bundle is 8" tall and 7" wide and is 56" in length when it is fully unbundled. There are a total of 12 pockets in the journal holding 48 various pieces of paper. Each pocket has 2 plain pieces of watercolor paper, 1 paper element and 1 piece that has been painted, stained or dyed. This journal also has a wee, tiny, mini journal tucked inside  one of it's pockets. It is all held snug with a scrappy closure. Some of the fabric used for the pockets is from my own collection of pieces I have stained, dyed and colored. The entire length of the journal is adorned with vintage laces and trims from various pieces in my stash. A funky button finishes off the look.
The cover is off set from the body 
of the bundle.
Colors. On the left is the fabric that runs across the length of the inside of the journal which is in variegated jewel tones. On the right is the fabric I sewed to the jeans cover base and that runs entirely across the length of the bundle. These colors inspired the title of this bundle.
Pockets 1 and 2.
Pockets 3 and 4.
Pockets 5 and 6.
Pockets 7 and 8.
Pockets 9 and 10.
Pockets 11 and 12.
Pockets 1 and 2 stuffed.
Pockets 3 and 4 stuffed.
Pockets 5 and 6 stuffed.
Pockets 7 and 8 stuffed.
Pockets 9 and 10 stuffed.
Pockets 11 and 12 stuffed.
 I'm playing the role of a happy holiday elf busy at work creating and playing with piles of fabric across a sea of thread.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Peeking Trees In A Forest of Denim

Another curious bundle.
9" tall by 7" wide and
unfolds to 27" long and
has a total of 5 pockets.
A removable denim waistband keeps everything
bundled together.
Peeking trees in a forest of denim.
The Cover
Woven re-purposed denim.
Soft and cozy,
sporting vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.
Inside cover and pocket one.
I am in love with this fabric.
Pockets two and three with another
peeking tree.
Pockets four and five.
The back of the journal and 
more peeking trees.
Pocket one full of pages and paper goodness.
Pockets two and three filled to brimming.
Pockets four and five stuffed plump.
I've used a variety of papers for the pages I've stuffed into the pockets of this journal which include Fabriano Artistico and Arches watercolor 140lb hot press. There are a total of 25 pieces of paper goodness that include 5 paper elements, 5 pages that have been painted, dyed, stained and 5 pages that have been stitched and fabric embellished. 
This curious bundle is looking for a new home in my Etsy shop.
You can find the link on my sidebar.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Curious Bundle Finds A Home

Curious Bundle
Mixed Media Journal
'Happy Trees' #2

Another curious bundle finds a home. This one was claimed even before it was finished. I'm pleased they are being welcomed into the world with so much enthusiasm. 
Here are a few more peeks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Curious Bundle

A Curious Bundle
A mixed media journal.
'Happy Trees'

As I've been working feverishly on many journals for my Etsy shop, I got this idea to create a journal with nothing but pockets but I've done that before. I let the idea brew around in my brain for a bit and then grabbed up an arm full of fabric, in this case repurposed jeans and spread it out on my table. I started pushing stuff around, considered my options and then just started to cut and sew and this is what I came up with; a very curious bundle that consists of lots of pockets filled with loose pages of various sizes. A new kind of journal.

Aside from journaling in my bound journals I've also, at times created loose pages from leftover materials from other projects and they have a habit of scattering all over my studio, on corners of my desk, stuck on a shelf, pinned to one of my many bulletin boards and it dawned on me that I could create a journal that would allow a place for these kinds of pages. The benefit of journaling this way is that anything can be done to the pages.
They can be painted, distressed, sewn on, stenciled, sprayed, and stamped an there is no worry over what might happen to the surrounding pages as in a bound journal; anything goes and the pages still have a place to go when they are used and completed. Plus, photos, postcards, ticket stubs, receipts, lists and so much more can be added along side the pages in the pockets. 

I've always loved a fat, stuffed, highly textured journal. The kind of journal that when you see it, you HAVE to open it up and look inside of it. It's like a present waiting to be unwrapped. It beckons you to peek inside. 
That is what this journal is.
It is 6" tall by 6.5" wide and unfolds to 38" in length
and has a total of 8 pockets filled with pages and various bits of ephemera and when you are done, bundles neatly back together and held snug with a scrappy tie. There is a total of 24 pages of watercolor paper in this journal along with 8 other paper elements. Some of the pages have been embellished with fabrics and others have been painted, dyed or stained.
The front cover.
The journal consists of 3 layers that have been sewn together, repurposed jeans, duck cloth that was pre-washed to soften serves as the middle layer to give the bundle a foundation and a print fabric. The whole thing has been embellished with vintage lace and trims, upholstery fabrics and other cottons for a nice cushy bundle of fun. 
"Happy trees" and a little glass bead bird 
greet you as you fold back the cover.
The tree print fabric runs the length of the journal.
Inner cover with a cut out. 
Pocket 1.
3 6" by 5.5" pages of Fabriano Artistico paper; one with 
stitched embellishments and a tag.
Pocket 2. 
3 little pages of various papers, embellished, 2 have been painted.
Pocket 3.
3 6" by 5.5" pages of Fabriano Artistico papers, 
one embellished with fabric and a wee tag.
Pocket 4.
3 pages in various sizes and a tag, tucked snug.
1 page has been stitched and one page is painted.
Pocket 5
3 pages of Fabriano Artistico paper, 1 is stitched 
and a tag.
Pocket 6
3 color pieces of painted papers, 
1 with a wee bit of stitching.
Pocket 7
3 pages of various papers and
a card stock file tag.
Pocket 8
3 pieces of various papers and 
a wee tag.
Back of journal, folded up.

Unfolded. It's really hard to get this in one shot, 
hopefully you get the idea.
More curious bundles coming soon.
"happy trees' has been listed in
my Etsy shop.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Journals Journals Journals

I've been busy.
These journals are all in the works 
and will be up for adoption 
as fast as I can get 'em finished.
Serendipity Delight Journal
This one is ready
and I've listed it in 
my Etsy shop.
Here are a few page peeks.
The journal had 2 spines on each side 
and opens out from the middle to reveal
it's 2 sets of pages. The journal is
8.5" inches tall by 4.5" inches wide
and has a 34" wrap around closure.
Each set of pages has 2 fabric pages 
that feature scrap collages of this and that.
Each set has 4 paper pages.
This page features a collage element by 
Teesha Moore.
Last week I was in the midst 
of creating this journal that
has already found a new home.
Please consider these sweet journals 
as holiday gifts. I put a lot of heart 
and soul into each one and I am honored 
to have them go out into the world.