Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's In Your Pockets?

What's In Your Pockets?

My studio has looked like this for about the last month or so. 
Camera's and lights and my ever resourceful crew, putting together my first on-line class. 

Brittney LaFond and Scott Nelson.

My behind the scenes team.

We've been putting in many long hours. Yesterday we wrapped up filming. I'm off to write up PDF's and get everything uploaded to the class site. 

I'd like to take a moment to honor all those amazing artist's who've shared the gift of their talents and creativity through their on-line classes. They are amazing and their classes truly are a labor of love. It is a TON or work and then some. 

And so many others.

The excitement level is high around here. Here are few peeks at the class samples created during filming.

Curious Bundle

Swiss Cross Curious Bundle

Flip Flop Curious Bundle
11" by 8"
15 pockets
(My newest personal journal and creation) 
I'm excited to start filling this one as soon 
as things settle down around here. How to make this journal is included in my on-line class.

It's For The Birds
Another Flip Flop Bundle
Flip Flop Journal Mini
Traditional journal style.
This journal has 40 bound paper pages in it.
This journal is 5.5" by 6" with a hidden 
journal inside that opens to 5" by 6"

Journals everywhere and having so 
much fun creating them. 

Some of these will be available in 
my Etsy shop soon, including the one below.

Anything But Ordinary
7" by 7" 
13" in length including fringe 
with 11 pockets and lots of goodies in the pockets.

Here are some of my thoughts about
my bundle style journals and how 
they came to be.

Loose Page Journaling Over Using A Bound

I've been creating loose journal pages for
years. It started when I'd been using a
wire bound journal. I'd taken all of the
pages off the wire coil to paint them. I'd
wanted to background stain all of the pages
with paints and inks all at the same time
but with all those pages trapped into the
confines of the covers I'd have to do them
all page by page and allowing time for each
page to dry. The other problem I was facing
was working on the opposite sides of each
of those pages, again having them bound
just complicated things. So my solution at
the time was to remove them from the
binding; take the whole thing apart. And I
did that. And time passed, I quit using
purchased journals, started making my own
and those pages I had painted, stained and
dyed, never made it back into the covers
they were bound with originally.
I had journaled on many of them, but simply
stacked them into a pile which has been
moved around my studio countless times,
attempting to figure out a special place to
keep them.

When I first started making my own journals
and began making the covers out of fabric I
started adding pockets to the journals as
pages and that was like discovering a
secret garden. I could stick stuff into
them. I loved the idea. I went crazy making
journals with pockets and came up with my
own ways to make pockets and hiding places.
Pretty soon I had amassed quite a
collection of journals to work in. I was
still binding pages into these journals in
the traditional manner; a combination of
both paper and fabric pocket pages. They
lived quite happily together and I was
content and more than excited to journal on
those pages; add stuff to those inviting


I still had a stack of pages that had no
where to go and as I shared, I just kept
moving them around, trying to find a home
for them. And then a few months ago I was
sorting through my massive stack of
ephemera and papers and again came across
the wayward, loose journal pages. At this
same time I had also unearthed a pile of
jeans that I'd been saving for some unknown
project in the future but as I looked at
those jeans I was again struck at the sight
of the pockets on the backs of them. What I
saw in my mind, as I stared at the jeans in
my hands was a journal construction that
would only have pockets. The pockets would
fold together and become places for all my
loose pages. In my imagination I considered
the advantages and all the possibilities I
would have, making a journal with no bound
pages in it but rather pockets holding
pages and then I thought back to when I'd
painted those loose pages so many years ago
and that there clearly were advantages to
journaling on loose pages, rather than
those bound into one. For instance painting
them and not having to worry about paint
getting on to the other pages in a bound
journal or having to wait until they dried.


All laid out, I could work on many pages at
a time and while those were drying, heck; I
could just grab any number of papers I have
and work on a new page while my painted
pages dried. It really was a no-brainer
when I really thought about it and I fell
further down the rabbit hole that has
become my obsession with the journals I
started calling 'curious bundles'. Once the
layers of fabric are all folded back
together and stuffed with pages, edged with
fringe, tied with a wrap and sitting on a
table, one can only wonder looking at it,
what it holds. It begs to be opened and


And after that the ideas for what I could
put into this kind of journal just came
tumbling through my mind, one after
another, all I could imagine and think of
was all the ways I could use those pockets
and what they could hold. At first it was
just fairly, simple and straight forward
ideas. I could use different size papers.
The paper could be different weights and
types. I could work on the pages easily
outside the confines of a binding and get
as messy as I wanted. I had no


So here you go. I visual walkabout at just
how much freedom and fun you can have and
all the possibilities that a journal of
pockets has to offer.


Endless possibilities.


Stitch on a paper border.


Create pages out of cardboard scrap, add texture mediums and paint.


Play with lots of layers.


Flip the page over and add 3 dimensional elements.


Stitch on embellishments to fragile for 


Freedom with stencils and spray inks.


A pocket for artist postcards like these
from Teesha Moore.


Unique business cards will never be
hard to find. 

A place for mini art....


postcards from far and wide, old and new,


artist trading cards and


mail art like these from Messy Canvas.


Awesome art tags add mystery
and intrigue 


Things can be pinned to a pocket and will
always be there.


and a place for vintage photos and special 
A journal of pockets is a wonderful and
inviting place for anything you can 
imagine and create.
What's in your pockets?

Curious Bundles Promo from Susie Lafond on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Curious Bundles: The On-Line Class

Wanna make one of your own?
Join me in my new
on-line class 
to learn how.
Curious Bundles-The Class

Registration is now open. 
You'll find all of the details here.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chirp! Tweet!

Chirp! Tweet!
Swiss Cross 
Curious Bundle 
Mixed Media Journal
Spring is coming, I promise.
Just look at those wee little faces. 
Don't they make you smile?
These little guys are on the cover of my latest 
bundle journal.
The journal is 10" tall by 9" wide and each panel is 30.5" long. 
When the journal is fully open it forms the shape of a Swiss cross.
The journal has a total of 7 pockets.
Here are some peeks.
Pocket 1
Pocket 1 stuffed.
Pocket 2
Pocket 2 stuffed.
Pocket 3
Pocket 3 stuffed.
Pocket 4
Pocket 4 stuffed.
Pocket 5
Pocket 5 stuffed.
Pocket 6.
I didn't get a photo of this one stuffed.
I forgot to flip the journal over to the other side.
Oops. My bad.
Pocket 7 and my personal favorite.
The wee birdcage pocket.
Pocket 7 stuffed.
This journal is looking for a new home.