Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unexpected Accidental Fragment Birds


These 2, sweet little birds 
were unexpected, unplanned 
and accidental.

They started as fragment leftovers 
from another project I was work on.
As they fell to the table, I saw birds
and now they grace the cover on this-

It is 10.5" tall and is 8.5" wide and 
has 10 fabric hinge pages of
140 LB watercolor paper bound inside.

There is a fabric pocket on both the 
inside of the front and back covers 
of the journal and tucked in each is 
a packet of collage bits and 
paper elements to get you inspired.

This journal is now in my Etsy shop. 

I'll be creating these smaller journals 
through out the summer months.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tapestry Fragment Journals With Fire-starters

My newest journal creations.
These journals are a 
rich tapestry of 
textures and colors; 
layers and layers of 
fabric and tactile goodness. 

They feel wonderful to hold 
and are a delight to look at. 
They are constructed almost 
exclusively from scraps.

The cover is repurposed denim which 
is covered and stitched with layers of fabrics 
that I hand painted, stained and distressed. 
It is fabric I've saved over the years; simply
waiting for the best project to use it for and 
these journals were it. 
I then added another layer of fabric bits that
have been sewn together which add even
more texture to the covers. 

Of course I had to add a couple of pockets
to the inside covers to hold stuff 
and then chose to bind papers into
each one. 

I added a variety of both plain watercolor papers 
along with heavy wieght pages harvested from books 
to create the pages for this journal. 
These pages were bound fabric hinge style.
I filled this journal with 140lb watercolor paper, 
then bound the pages in pamphlet style, each 
folio is reinforced with a fabric hinge for added durability.
The journal and the pages will handle mixed media applications very well. It is a sturdy handful of a journal. 

I've included and eclectic collection 
of paper bits and ephemera harvested
from a variety of books and magazines. 
They include both vintage and new papers 
which can be used on the pages. 

I call these bits of paper 'fire' starters. 
Something to get on the page to ignite and inspire 
your creative energy.
'fire-starters' packet
Another little packet of paper stuff
just for fun lives in the back pocket.
This journal is up for adoption in my Etsy shop. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Off- LIne

I'm going to be 
off-line for a 
couple of days, 
working an event.
See you all 
on the flip side.
Have an awesome

Life With A Photographer In The House

It's everywhere I look.
This is what our home often looks like before a shoot. 
This is our living room....sometimes.
That giant tent like thing is a soft box.
Behind it sits are not so small TV,
though it looks to be doll housed size here.
And if you look closely you'll 
find our dog Fibi, who looks tiny,
she is small but not that small!!!

Everything in the room 
is dwarfed by that  
 massive light fixture. 

I believe these lights are
for contacting aliens on other planets. 
They are huge.
Ah see this. I knew it.
Alien life form.
(a.k.s also known as Scott)
Brittney's cinematographer boyfriend 
messing around.

Those black boxes on the floor.
They were used to fire up the lights 
and was pretty sure the house was
gonna explode. 
If anyone has a studio space
that they can lease for cheap,
or barter for, let me know.
I'll happily pass on the information.
#I want my living room back!!!!

All photos courtesy Brittney LaFond

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Bunch Of Bundles

These 'curious bundles' are
looking for homes.
They have the leading roles 
in my up coming on-line workshop 
that opens on Monday 4/27.
They guys were the samples created 
for the class demonstrations.
I have so many bundles underfoot 
at the moment and I can't fill 
them all myself so some just have to go. 
Vintage Typewriter
'Curious Bundle'
8" tall by 7.5" wide
56" long
13 packed pockets
Quirky Birds
Flip Hidden Spine Curious Bundle Journal
11" tall by 9" wide
19 stuffed pockets
This bundle consists of 2 panels that unfold 
and reveal a hidden set of pockets.
The 2 panels measurements are:
11" tall and unfolds to 37" in length.
8" tall and unfolds to 48" in length.
When Life Throws You Scraps
Swiss Cross 'Curious Bundle' Journal
This is a hefty, handful of a journal. 
It is 9.5" tall and 8.5" wide
and unfolds to reveal a Swiss Cross.
The bundle has a total of 24 pockets 
that hold a variety of papers.
It's stuffed full. 
The bundle consist of 2 panels sewn together
each panel is 61" in length. 

Thanks for peekin'

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A World Of Artist Journal Pages

Just released today. 
This book is incredible, 
gorgeous, amazing, awesome, 
inspiring, a must have
and not to be missed.

It is filled with so many artists I've come to know, 
love and respect. 

Shout outs to everyone who happens to see this and 
are one of the artists within it's pages. 
I'm on page 193.

This morning my first priority of the day
was to see in any of my local Barnes and Noble
had a copy and I found, and now have the only available one in any store even remotely close to me. 
I know I could have pre-ordered it and I would have had I not found a copy. 
Really, if you love art journaling then go out and grab
a copy or order it. You won't be sorry. 

Monday, April 20, 2015


Flip Hidden Spine Curious Bundle

This is my newest journal creation and is another sample piece created in my on-line class, which opens next Monday.
This bundle is 12" tall by 9.5" wide 
and has 13 pockets.

Here are a few more page peeks.
I used a lot of this.
Some of this....
And bits of this...
 found it's way to here
and there.
It's all over the place in this bundle.

Thanks for stoppin' by, gotta get back to work, get everything spiffy and shiny in the classroom.