Friday, December 31, 2010

Take A Peek

For months I have been waiting for the new issue of Somerset Art Journaling  Winter 2011 to be released because my HuG style journal and artwork is featured within it's pages.  The anticipation has been driving me insane all week. The excitment, almost too much to carry. Yesterday I got my copy. What an awesome way to end 2010 and what a wonderful way to ring in 2011. I am one very happy artist right now. I am blushing with joy. I am glowing brighter than that great big crystal ball that will be dropping in Times Square later tonight.

And I can't tell you how honored I was when I received word that my submission had been accepted. I am grateful too. Seeing my journal in these pages and being amongst many artists who I admire and adore and who feel like friends on this art journey that we are taking; I am just in awe, very humble awe.

Somerset always does an amazing job on all of their publications but Art Journaling has to be my own personal favorite hands down, because it's more about the artists than techniques, about why they journal and what it means to them; a personal look at the artist behind the journals they create. And when it comes to the art within it's pages. AWESOME. The artwork is showcased so brilliantly. The artwork is as much the star as the artist who created it, the words and images truly touch and move me including my own. I don't remember being that candid and yet those are my words. I hope they are able to reach out and if nothing else, encourage at least one person to take the plunge into keeping an art journal. I want to get to know these artist's and AJ makes that happen within it's pages. I am among friends.
Some of the other artists in this issue whose work I adore are:
And I am sure that after I read through this issue and go back and read it all a 2nd and 3rd time that I will find more kindred spirits whose hearts are made with paint, paper, pens, fabric and all held together with glue.

And a very special thank you and shout out goes to Mary Ann Moss for being the catalyst of a year full of many new friends and many, many journals. You are the best!!!!! I am looking forward to many, many more in 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Little KiSS Of Color

Unexplored places, the journey.
Today I finished 'a little kiss of color' journal. There is nothing better than the discovery of doing something just a little bit different and I love how this journal came together. I will be making many more of these in 2011.

This journal is now available for adoption in my Etsy shop. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Kisses Of Color

This is a world filled with love and other things that have the sense not to waste time talking about everything under the sun and see how it glows with no help from us whatsoever.
These are some of the pages in the 'KiSS' Journal that I will be adding to my Etsy shop soon. Lots of stitching on the pages dappled with little 'kisses' of color.

And of course, what is a journal without a couple of fabric pocket pages thrown in for good measure.
Collage paper elements from Roben-Marie Smith

Monday, December 27, 2010

How About a little 'KiSS'?

Three sweet, Little 'KiSS' journals.  
Who doesn't savor a kiss, a smooch, a whisper peck on the cheek? That little bit of magic that sends warmth spreading right down into your toes and makes your heart burst with pleasure.  Life would be incomplete without a few kisses now and again, thus I present 'KiSS' journals.

A 'KiSS' journal has 3 spines, the center spine allows the 2 inner spines to fold outward reaveling it's pages, a set of pages on the right and a set of pages on the left, each holding 2 signatures. When the journal is closed, the inside covers meet with a 'kiss'.

Each of these journals are still in progress, I've added lots of pages with stitched and hand painted elements and plenty of pockets of course. Two of these journals will be up for adoption in my Etsy shop soon and one of these journals is already spoken for.

Here are few more peeks and a little poem to set the mood. 

I've seen too many movies to believe this would happen to me,
he said and she smiled and kissed him lightly and said,
It's good to let reality in now and then, don't you think?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wishing You

All the very merriest Christmas.
From tha land of snow.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Day And Holidazzle Parade

It's snowing again. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas and school was let out early and a snow day was called; the perfect day to stay inside and create. I finished this journal and it is now seeking a new home just in time for the holidays and is available in my Etsy shop. It is 5" tall by 5" wide and has 3 spines with 2 signatures each. There are 6 fabric pocket page and 48 paper pages inside. Here are a few peeks inside.

This past Friday my DD's and I participated in the annual Holidazzle parade in downtown Minneapolis and we had a blast. I was Red Star No. 1 and the girls were Toy Soldier 1 and 2.


And if you look really close, see those red stars over their shoulders; that is me, Red Star No. 1. That is about as good a photo anyone is gonna get of this camera shy gal.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Peeks

More peeks of the 'Renew Your Heart' journal.
Pocket page above. 
The small panel of fabric 'with one heart' folds back to reveal a ink sprayed and painted paper page ready for journaling.
Back panel of the journal cover.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Renew Your Heart 'HuG'

Today I have been playing with all my distressed upholstery fabric. This is a 5" by 5" soft 'HuG' journal. Instead of using heavy watecolor paper for the base, I used heavy stabilizer as the substrate. It feels more ogranic in my hands but firm enough for a journal. It will have 3 spines and I have not decided how many pages it's going to have when it's finished. Here are few more pics of the cover thus far.
This panel has lace sewn to the edge for a place to tuck a photo or note.
Like I really needed to begin yet another journal. When I get an idea I run with it, nothing like a little bit of variety to keep my creative pursuits interesting.