Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live True

Live True
A truly large journal.
18" tall by 13.5" wide
This book in it's original form, started out as a 1966 atlas of Finland. I decided to give it a new life as a journal. I removed the pages, prepped and painted the cover and then gave it a new heart; it's pages.
Here are a few peeks.

File folder page.
This journal is up for adoption and you can see more photos in my Flickr album. Link in my side bar.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art and LIfe And Wisdom Underfoot

Bits of wisdom. 6.24.11 
Courtesy sidewalk in front of Minnesota Center For Book Arts
Art and Life.
Our main job in life is to try to find out what we're good for. Life is a school. We keep taking tests. If we pass a test, we move on. If we fail a test, sooner or later we are given the test again. Failing or succeeding, wise artists know themselves and quickly move through the tests. In art, it takes a lifetime of moving through the tests. Fact is, they never stop coming.
Robert Genn

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home Sweet LIttle Home

Home Sweet Little Home
Journal and Tag Along Tote
I am having a love affair with making these totes for my journals. This journal has been a work in progress for awhile and I am just putting the finishing touches on it and hope to have it completed sometime this afternoon. Originally I had been working on a paper mache house for the journal to reside in, however the house broke apart when I was collaging it and had to be scrapped since it was no longer up to my standards of quality. It was beyond repair. I was sad about that because the house was pretty darn cute, however yesterday I created this tote for it's safe keeping which I actually like just as much and I know it won't fall apart. VBG.
Front of tote.
Back of tote.
The inside of the tote is lined with some matching fabric that is also used on the journal. The journal and tote will be available for adoption very soon.
And if anyone needs a fun way to get creative over the summer months, I highly recommend taking a ride with the amazing Mary Ann Moss. Full Tilt Boogie is in full swing.
 I've been learning new ways to bind journals and even finding time to create a few art journal pages, which is something I always put on the back burner.
I created this page on Monday and was working on it when our tornado sirens went off.
 As it turned out, a tornado actually hit just a few blocks away from us, thankfully it was a wee EF0; in weather speak that is the weakest, reaching speeds between 65-85mph. But still, a very close call. It was on the ground for 5.5 miles. The girls and 4 legged family members went down to the basement and me, I just kept working away. From the view out my windows, the weather looked anything but threatening, just rainy and a little bit dark for 4pm in the afternoon. This is the 2nd time this year that a tornado has hit this close to us. I sort of think the next time our sirens go off I should take the warning a little more seriously. Tornadoes don't really care about the lives they leave behind. It's been such a rough summer for so many families here, as well as across the country.
I keep them in my prayers each night.
I had to smile as the girls headed downstairs, taking note as to what they took with them from their rooms. Brittney grabbed her favorite fleece blanket and a stuffed horse she's has had since she was born, along with Summer; her guinea pig. And Meg chose a really sweet, stuffed dog I got her a few weeks back when she was going through a rough time emotionally; (life with teenage daughter's under the roof is not easy these days) and a fleece blanket she was given as a gift many years ago and she also had a book tucked under her arm. I don't know what I would grab if I had to really think about it. My purse and wallet I suppose, but everything else I guess I would have to let go of because there is just so many things I use every day that taking only one or 2 things would be pointless. In the face of danger the only thing that really matters to me are my daughters, DH and our furry family members. As long as they are safe and sound; stuff is just stuff no matter how precious I might *believe* it all is. 
xxxxx ooooo xxxxx

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy Days Of Summer

Burst of Sunshine by Brittney LaFond
Summer is officially here and my days have been anything but lazy. My art area is in chaos; paint, papers and fabrics are on every available surface, evidence that I have been busy. I just finished my newest journal which is now up for adoption in my Etsy shop.
Here are a few page peeks.
Lots of pockets waiting for treasures.
Flip flops and time on the front porch.
Flip flop page is created from sheer vellum and 'flips up' to allow photos or writing underneath.
Kool-aid colors and stitching grace hand painted pages.

Playful pockets.
Hide and seek.
Time for a tall, frosty glass of lemonade.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Art of Waiting

I am waiting. It's hard. I am trying to be patient. The anticipation and the excitement are starting to become almost unbearable, but in a good way; a sweet way. Kind of like looking forward to Christmas morning or the first day of a vacation. That kind of feeling. So what am I waiting for? I am so pleased you asked. The amazing Miss Mary Ann Moss over at Moss Cottage is throwing open wide the doors, of her on-line class room tomorrow, where she will be offering up an art journaling exploration entitled 'Full Tilt Boogie'. It is sure to be a wild ride. I highly suggest joining in on the fun that is sure to be had.
And in trying to make time fly, I've been working on journals that I will be listing in my Etsy shop very soon. Here are a few peeks.
Tag Along Journal and Spiffy Matching Tote.
Journal is 6" Tall by 5.5 wide and the tote is 9" by 10" with handles and a draw string closure. Tote is roomy enough for a few supplies and just the right size to 'tag along' for the ride.
Fabric pages with pockets.

Lightly collaged.

Lightly painted and stitched.
And just a sprinkling of scrappy whimsy.
More peeks coming soon. Now back to finding ways to consume more of my time till tomorrow.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Purple Passion

Flowers by my aspiring photographer DD Brittney.
I don't know what these flowers are but I think the photos are awesome and the color totally fits with the journal and coordinating tote I created this past weekend as a graduation gift for one of Brittney's dance buddies. When she downloaded the photos to her pc I knew I had to include them here with this journal.
 The journal fits perfectly inside with enough room for a few supplies. I am quite pleased with how it came together. The tote is lined with the same fabrics and there is also a small pocket, perfect for a cell phone or Ipod. I think I have found a new passion.