Monday, July 25, 2011

Artful Blogging, Summer Playtime.

I am super excited and thrilled to share that my very humble blog banner is featured in newest issue of Artful Blogging on the 'Banners We Love' page at the back of the issue. The issue will hit stores August 1st. While my blog is not formally featured, I am simply pleased to have made the issue. I created my blog banner on a block of wood and then photographed it and kept resizing the image to get it to work as a blog banner. It's a no-techno-thrills, cut and paste creation.
The summer has been a busy one but I've been squeezing in as much art time as I can get. I decided it was time for a 'family photo' of my growing collection of art journals.

 I blame the extremely talented Miss Mary Ann Moss for this proliferation of journals. This is what happens when a very gifted woman decides to share her knowledge of journal making with the masses. I am just one among many, who have found they are creating journals faster than they can work in them. It is just so much fun. I encourage you to spend some time over on Mary Ann's blog. You will leave feeling like you've just spent time in the sweetest spot on the planet. I just love her work and blog so much. It just fills me with so much happiness. I always leave smiling.
And then I have been messing around with paint. At least once a week I drag out all of my wet media and proceed to make a mess.
Here is a recent kind-of-sort-of-self-portrait. If I were a cartoon character. This is how I might look. I think she might just be my alter ego. I named her Tulla.
Materials; gesso, acrylics, casein, graphite, caran de ache crayons, and Pilot permaball pen on a large text page from an old atlas  which I  had gutted recently for the cover of the journal that is currently in my Etsy shop. I finished the page by stitching around all the outlines in black thread. I've also been trying to spend a little bit of time with each of the journals I've shared above. That is a challenge since I have so many. I just don't want any of them to feel neglected. VBG. So a few journal pages I have been working on.
I am also have several new journals in the works for my Etsy shop which I hope to finish soon.That's all I got for now, with a wave and wink.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moment Of Surrender

Everything and more.
The house is quiet this afternoon. Normally I have music blaring from my Ipod dock as I create. Not today. There is a lingering aura that comes from having attended a live performance that cannot be easily shaken, that I want to stay submersed in for as long as I can. I don't want that to be disturbed. I am staying in that moment; the moment of surrender.
Photo David Joles Star/Tribune
The concert was AMAZING, everything and more. Our concession stand was not that far from the stage on the first level of TCF Stadium. We had a bee line to some of the best seats around. We heard every song just as well as anyone who paid a lot of money to attend. All it cost us was 6.00 for parking and a little bit of patience getting out of traffic at the end of the night. A small price to pay is an understatement of epic proportion.
We had a blast and we worked our butts off. It was so hot and so sticky in the hallways and the stands from days and days of high temps and humidity and of a stadium that had not seen use since winter. Had we been food; we were all beyond well done within the first hour, but we all relished every second. We smiled, caught lots of energy from excited fans and felt honored just to be there. We were after all, raising money for our kids various activities and being a part of a once in a lifetime opportunity at the same time. It was a privledge. I'd do it all again in a heart beat if they would do just one more show.
It was insane those few hours before U2 took the stage. Everyone wanted/needed water or soft drinks. I don't think I will ever fill that many cups again in my lifetime. We couldn't keep the ice stocked fast enough, that part of the night is a blur to me.
And then they came.

We knew as soon as everyone in the halls started running for their seats that Bono, the Edge, Adam and Larry were coming out. The concourse became an instant ghost town. We went from the constant mind numbing buzz of excited people to silence in a matter of seconds. It was eerie. You could have heard a pin drop and then,  the opening chords began to resonate through the stadium, I got shivers. Their opening number; David Bowie's Space Oddity. It was a surreal moment. We all took turns running out to grab a spot by open areas to get a look at what everyone had gathered to experience. INCREDIBLE!!! We all had chances to watch and to listen to our favorite songs. We took turns, cleaning, helping those few who wandered out from the concert in need of refreshments and then took more turns watching the show from between stairwells and open areas on the concourse. We had some seriously good places in which to watch from, far closer to the stage than we  would have had ever been able to afford. I am grateful for having been given the chance to go and just be there and a part of it all. I am thankful that both my daughter and DH were there with me. It's a story that will be retold many times over in the coming weeks. My only regret is that our younger daughter could not join us as she is one year shy of being able to work at the stadium. We will have to find a way to make that up to her. 
At then at the end of the night, after the stand had closed, was cleaned and we were released we were allowed to watch the last 3 songs they performed right along side everyone else. It had started to rain about half way into the concert and I do mean rain, pour, deluge, word had it that the main floor, inner circle was close to being a wading pool, though no one cared. We stood in the pouring rain as the night came to close and then it was over. We walked out, stunned, amazed, overcome. But it was not over. There was one final moment yet to be played out and experienced. We got a rare, as up close and as intimate a moment as one can get in a place where 60,000 people had gathered. As we made our way out of the stadium, back tracking our steps on the long half mile trek to our car, we were puzzled by a line of security guys, maintaining what looked no more than like an empty part of the parking lot. We thought what the heck were they doing. So here we are slowing walking where we were motioned to go, (not that many people were paying any attention) and without warning 2 motorcylce cops, 2 squad cars and a line of black SUVs came from seemingly out of no where and it took us no more than a second to understand it was Bono and band leaving the stadium. We all waved and sure enough we caught a glimpse of the man himself. We were so close, an arm's length away. Seriously. It was over in the wink of an eye. I couldn't think of a more amazing way to end the night. There were only a handful of us that witnessed the moment amidst all those 1000's of people; because by the time they figured out what was happening, it was already over. We had shared in one private moment. That was so utterly cool. I am 'stuck in that moment and I can't get out of it' and what a splendid moment it is.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Destination U2 & Bono

This is a journal page in one of my first visual journals.
Love U2!
Anyway. This is my day.
Get up at 9am.
Noon. Lunch
1pm pick up kids.
Destination Dinkytown MN
East Bank University of MN Campus.
TCF Stadium
U2's 360 tour performance.
Leave home 3ish
Check in to work the concert 4pm
(Hoping we can snag a parking spot)
get cleared through security and sign in at stand 114.
Be Happy. I am in the same buidling as Bono and the Edge. Maybe they might need a hot dog before they hit the stage. Ha, I'll happliy deliver that hot dog. Oh well if nothing else I will be able to hear every song played. I am ready for Bono, and the Edge, Adam and Larry.
It's a beautiful Day, don't let it get away, beautiful day........

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A HuG No Matter How You Look At It

It's a HuG no matter how you look at it.
This is a magical HuG. It's on it's way to someone very special and who deserves a 'HuG'.
Do you know someone that deserves 'HuG'?
If you do, hold the thought and stay tuned in the next few weeks for details.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

And The Winner IS......

Happy to announce that I have a winner. Drum roll please. The random number generator chose 6 and that makes Holly the winner

Holly said...

Susie, this little journal is beautiful. I would love to win it. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with FTB, I am too!

THANKS TONS for all of the sweet and kind words. You are all the best.
PS. For those of you who were not able to leave a comment due to technical difficulties and sent me an email instead, you were included in the drawing. I assigned them numbers as they arrived via email. Thanks again to everyone.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tomorrow Is The Day

There is still time to get in on the journal giveaway. I made this cute little tote for the journal's safe keeping and added a few suprise goodies too. To put your name in the virtual, go to this post and leave a comment. That is all you have to do for a chance to be the lucky winner. I'll be drawing tomorrow so be sure to check back to see if your name was drawn. Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts. You guys are the best!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Sweet Tiny Home Journal

I finished this little house shaped journal with it's own tag along tote today and it's looking for a new home. I have listed it in my Etsy shop. It is loaded with treasures. Take a peek.
Front door.
From the back side.
The back.
Front side view.
Opening to reveal it's pages.
Top open view.
Top view closed.
You can find additional photos of many of the pages in this journal in my photostream by clicking on the side bar links here on my blog.
Now off to create more journals.
And just want to give everyone a shout out for all the sweet comments on my giveaway journal. And if you have not added  yourself to the draw, just leave a comment for that post and you will be entered for a chance to win

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Wonder Giveaway

Little Bit Of Wonder Journal
Let's get the festivities underway. Happy 4th of July to one and all. I wish each of you a safe and enjoyable day spent with family and friends and taking a moment to remember what our freedom gives us and what it has cost others.  
I just finished this little journal and decided that it was time for a giveaway here on my blog; just a small way of saying thanks to all of you who visit me from time to time, leave a sweet note or even those of you who just want to peek quietly from around the corner. I appreciate your kind words as well as those who grace me by taking the time to look.
So a few more peeks
This journal was inspired by the techniques I learned from the ever amazing Mary Ann Moss in her Full Tilt Boogie class. This amazing sewn triple chain stitch creates a beautiful and elegant binding.

Cover with button and elastic closure.

A peek at the pages.
The journal is 3.5" tall by 3 3/4" and has 3 signatures of 7 pages; 21 total. The pages are created from scrapbook cardstock and vary in length thoughout the journal.
The base for the fabric cover is 300 pound watercolor paper and is very sturdy and durable; as solid as any hardcover book. It's bound with hand dyed waxed linen thread. I combined the journal cover style learned in Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class with the binding style learned in Full Tilt Boogie and intend to bring them together in many more journals.
So if you would like to give this journal a good home, just drop in and say hi; leave me a comment and that is all there is to it. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Please make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you should win. Winner will be announced on 7/9. In the next few days I will gather a few other items to include with the journal and may even have to sew a little tote for it's safe keeping.