Thursday, October 25, 2012

Signs of Life

Daily Scrap
Signs of Life
A background is growing.

I've been working on this background
 for a couple of weeks now 
and it's starting to come together,
it's starting to have a life of it's own.
Sometimes I just need to let 
things fall away;
give myself over to the process, 
rather than the outcome, 
often that takes time, 
like a seed put to earth, 
it needs a bit of watering, 
a little sunshine, 
before things begin to happen,
before the roots reach gently 
into the soil and take hold.
Another peek
and a brand new Brian Andreas poem from his new book
Theories of Everything.


it is not what you first think
there is no effort of will
no firm resolve in the face
of this thing called living

There is only paying attention
to the quiet each morning
while you hold your cup
in the cool air

and then that moment
you choose to spread
your love like a table cloth
upon the talbe and
invite the whole day in again.

Brian Andreas


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  1. I love the colours. Can't wait to see how it turns out.