Friday, November 9, 2012

She Doesn't Need Wings

Daily Scrap
Art journal page

She doesn't need
wings to fly
her heart will
get her there
one beat 
at a time.

Today, remember to give yourself a little time to fly, it's okay to play, to put aside the demands of work, the details of life and relax. Take time to give yourself permission to do something you love, something that makes you happy, something to remind yourself that you are important and vital and that you matter to someone, so take time to take care of you. 

And in the spirit of giving I am inviting all you to visit tomorrow for details on the party I'm throwing right here on my blog for a chance to win Jenny Doh's new book Journal it, a packet of journal goodies and one of my hand bound journals, made just for this giveaway. All the details will be revealed here tomorrow at about noon, CST. 


  1. You know I love her :)
    I'm excited about your giveaway (crossing my fingers to be the lucky winner).

    Take care

  2. oh susie, your girls are so gentle, yet also strong. their expressions speak volumes! and i'm mesmerized by the shapes and colors you choose - they're just magical!! i love everything you do...


  3. ...I love your art! There is something romantic and poetic in there...great job!

  4. Love her!!! Love your art:) Hillary

  5. you write the truth
    + you draw a heart
    so pretty.