Friday, August 24, 2012

Dancing Sideways

Daily Scrap
Art journal page
A couple of things influenced the creation of this page. 
Over the past few weeks I've been doing some inner excavation, digging around among a variety of thoughts and emotions and mostly wondering why the course of my life has never followed a straight line; not even close. I wondered if there is anyone really, who can say their lives mapped out as easy as going from point A to point B and I found myself doubting that. It made me wonder how I've managed to get here in one piece. What keeps me from going under and staying under and it dawned on me that I've gotten pretty good at dodging the sharp edges and cracks that life can toss across my path. I've jumped mud puddles and managed not to fall into some of the deeper holes I've encountered over the course of my years and I figured it out while watching one of my favorite summer shows; So You Think You Can Dance. You see I've learned how to dance sideways. I've learned to side step the general chaos, that often rides in on life's coat-tails. Once in awhile I fall but I always manage to get back up. I'm not always graceful about the process but I can hold my own. I do okay. I won't be winning any contests however. 

One more photo courtesy Brittney. 
Next Friday we will be at her orientation and faculty art exhibit and then it's just a few days before her college experience begins. Her excitement is contagious. 
So that is all I've got for now. Wishing each of you a fine and wonderful weekend.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Splish Splash

What Lies Beneath.
Photo Courtesy
Brittney LaFond

Daily Scrap
Photo fun.
Love this shot.

As I shared in my previous post, I'll be posting a few of Brittney's  photos here on my blog. They are part of her portfolio that earned her a scholarship award to attend CVA.
School begins soon. Which reminds me that
summer is winding down.
Fall is just around the corner.
Today I have all of the windows wide open to the world.
And the AC is turned off.
Life is good.

On my art table today I am putting the finishing touches on this journal 
that will be heading across the pond tomorrow. 
A few page peeks.
Fabric pocket pages.
Painted and scrappy pages containing various elements of interest.
And with that wishing you each an inspired week of sweet simplicity.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Photo courtesy 
Brittney LaFond

Daily Scrap
Eye candy.
So what's not to love?
This is my daughter's friend Micheal.
Brittney is starting college in just a wee, few weeks so I thought I would post a few of her portfolio photos here in the coming days. Her photos earned her a respectable scholarship which is helping her dream come true. She will be attending the College of Visual Arts here in St. Paul and is majoring in photography. I'd say she's got a pretty good start. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Journal Happiness

Sweet Simplicity

Daily Scrap
Journals under Construction
It seems like forever since I've posted a journal but I have been working on several. I've learned not to rush the process. Rushing tends to get me no where so I take my time and sometimes that can mean many weeks and even months. It is just how I roll these days. 
So this little journal is going to be heading across 'the pond' very soon. I have to finish up the pages and then it will be ready for it's journey. I've made a spiffy, little tote so it will be traveling in style. I really love these colors together. 
So that is all I got today. 
Wishing you a week full of promise and of life's simple moments.