Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Trees Wrapped Themselves In Gold

Daily Scrap
Out and About
Roaming on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The trees
wrapped themselves in gold,
leaving a trail of
colored shadows
in their wake,
fire in the 
glistening sun

Yesterday I decided to take a little field trip to Stillwater Minnesota. The girls and DH were all working their PT times jobs and it was such a gorgeous fall day I just needed to get out and enjoy it. I really, really had hoped to spend the day down in my art room but I just had to be out and about. These trees even put on their best golden coats for me. The day beckoned and I couldn't resist.
I stopped at a favorite local market that makes the best fresh buns and bread and stocked up on them. They will be used for dinner this evening.  I also picked up DH's favorite home made beef jerky. So good with a beer. Several local bars serve them up    in Bloody Mary's, rather than the traditional celery stalk.
Perfectly spicey and none better.

From there I headed into the heart of town and visited my favorite antique stores which I was sad to discover had transformed themselves into 'antique boutiques'. Things that used to go for a dollar or two, were now five or higher.  I left empty handed. Don't get me wrong, I know times are tough and everything has gone up and they have to make a living but I just can't afford to spend five dollars on a vintage postcard or photo, no matter how much I'd have liked to. I found this was true in every shop I visited. 

It's been quite a few years since my last trip to Stillwater.  
Stillwater is a favorite stop for many in the fall. People come from  all over the state to enjoy the river, the changing of the trees and to stroll main street and years ago the town had resisted the urge to fall prey to becoming a cliche as a 'tourist trap' yet I found what had been quaint, local shops, were now just another store to be passed by. I also was sad to discover that an independent sweet, little paper store was no longer there and had been replaced by a Dairy Queen. Things change. Life rolls on. I just wish change didn't have to touch places I love.
It was a bittersweet reunion for me. 
 I was pleased to find that the one indie bookseller was still there and holding it's own. There was even a local author signing books when I stopped in to browse the shelves. 
That made me abundantly happy and I made the best out of my day.

From there I drove to the B & B DH and I honeymooned at. It's now owned by someone else, but it's still there among many great old homes.

All in all it was a fine afternoon spent and I did come home with lots of good, good food which will be enjoyed for as long as it lasts, which won't be long. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Place To Dream

Daily Scrap
Art Journal
Dreams Thrive Here

Where do your dreams grow?
Where do you thrive?

 a slight breeze 
a faint baby's breath of movement
a shifting of place
the curtains dance
the shadows fall away
the light stretches
itself out
over the world
and fills every heart
that sees the beauty
for in this one moment
our dreams 
have a place 
to thrive

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What You Know In Your Heart

What You Know In Your Heart
Daily Scrap

What you know
in you heart
to be true
is enough-
it is all
you need.

This painting is a work in progress, however the poem I scribbled onto a scrap of paper last night is finished and is going to find it's way to this canvas. Inspired by the feeling that I am complete, yet always just a little bit unfinished, that there are always things to be learned, experiences to be had, to wonder and be in awe of; sometimes worry and despair will silently creep in reminding me that I am not always in control. Remembering to living in the present and be open to whatever this moment might bring. As long as I carry my truth and love into each day, I know that is enough, it is all I need right now. Tomorrow is a new gift to open, discover and explore.
What is your truth?

And this sweet puffin found it's way to a canvas yesterday. It is still a work in progress. She was inspired by an old merchandise tag from a jacket I remember buying for my daughter when she was just a wee toddler. I found the tag in an envelope of paper scraps I've been saving.When I saw the puffin, I knew I wanted to capture her in paint. I've still got tweaking to do but I'm pleased with my progress. 
That is all I've got for today. 
Wishing you all the sweetness of fall, a bounty of all that is good and true.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Field Guide To Now

Daily Scrap
Within the pages of
A Field Guide to Now
It's Monday. 
Another busy week waiting to be explored and opened. 
Today I discovered this sweetly, delightful book.

Given the crazy and frantic pace of the last few days and weeks; the title had me at first glance,
the artwork on the cover sealed the deal. 
Now it's right here, on my desk and I've already settled in to discover it's secrets. My life is in need of a little grounding. 
I achieve that when I spill myself on to the pages of my visual journals but I truly feel that there is a message for me hidden within the pages of this little book; a companion I can turn to when I need to remind myself to slow down, remembering that right 'now' is all I have and 'now' is all that matters. 
Take a peek. 
I think you should.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crazy Wild Ride Called Life

Crazy Wild Ride MN State Fair 2012

Daily Scrap

This is pretty much how my life looks right now; a wild and crazy  kind of ride. I'm trying not to fall off. I've not had enough time to share or post here and for that I apologize. School started this week. One dd attending college here in town. She has a complicated commute involving public transportation with several  transfers and a small hike to get to her campus. The other dd is back at her high school without too much drama but had to switch a few classes around in order to meet her required credits. I've had to split myself into several tiny pieces so I can juggle all the minor and not so minor issues that have cropped up in the past few days. We are all adjusting to new schedules and demands on our time and doing a lot of juggling to make it all work. I've barely had time to sit down much less spend any time creating. This happens every year, however having a college student in the house is new territory for me as a parent and more than a little emotional for me. I'm proud of her. She is reaching for the stars bravely with wide open arms and with her heart being fully exposed. 

I find myself wanting to shelter her from the normal adjustments of starting college but knowing that she has to learn the 'ropes' herself. The commute is tough, requiring her to be up at around 4AM two mornings in order to make all the bus connections she has to get to campus on time and the school to their credit, has  an extremely strict attendance policy which creates an additional challenge on top of the other demands of college for any student who has to commute but has no car. I won't have to worry about her skipping classes. 4 absences per year are allowed. 5 absences and you are done. Being even 5 minutes late is not acceptable and earns you a 'tardy'; 2 tardys equal 1 absence; classes begin at 8AM and goes until 6pm. Leaving early is also considered a tardy. You get the picture. Students get 15 minutes or a half hour to get to each class depending on which building you are going to. That is her schedule 2 days and the other 2 she does not have to be on campus until noon. No classes on Friday this semester.  I don't know if I could do this myself, so her commitment to attend this school is amazing. She has a mountain of supplies she is required to bring to each class not including all of her text books. I'm in awe of her. We've done something right as parents, but my heart still wants to make all of this easier for her. I wish I could drive her to and from each day but that isn't going to happen. My heart has been pulled and tugged at these past few days in multiple directions. It's been sort of exhausting. 

I've managed roughly 5 minutes of art time this week and this is what came out of it. 
5 Minutes and a pencil and a wee bit of paint inspired by my daughter's new journey.
Art journal page that had been the catch-all for leftover paint on paint brushes that was open on my art table. I grabbed a pencil and just began to move it around with no intentions or direction. I simply needed a few moments to reconnect with myself and my need to create; feeling like someone deprived of her essential air and water. In 5 minutes I found this girl hiding in the page. A splash of paint to her hair and she was done. The text literally spilled from my heart in a matter of seconds, which shares both my and my daughter's experience these past few days.