Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Leftovers

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so I have lots to share today.
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Vintage Venice

First I hope everyone of you had a beautiful holiday with your families and friends. If you braved the black Friday crowds and insanity, I hope you survived and came home in one piece. It is that time of year when life takes on a kind of crazy, wild rhythm and sometimes all we can do is hang on and hope for the best. If you need a break from all of it read on. You can join in me Venice. Really, truly you can. I wouldn't lie to you, not with Santa keeping track and all. (wink)

 In a few weeks I will be embarking on what I am sure is going to be a wonderful and delightful journey with the very talented Mary Ann Moss. I've had the pleasure of taking her on-line classes the past couple of years. If you are a frequent visitor of my blog you know that almost every single one of the journals I've created  have been inspired by her classes. Mary Ann is an amazing instructor. She makes everything fun and casual; meaning her process is completely stress free, sit back, grab a cup of tea and in no time at all you will have created your very own journal and also enjoy a vast company of other like minded individuals. Her enthusiasm, joy and escapades draw you in and you feel like you are right there in the room with her. I can't begin to say enough good things, but if you really want to do something new this year give her classes a try. You won't be disappointed. Not one, tiny bit.

Her newest offering which begins December 15; promises to be not only a fantastic class, but a unique adventure as well.

 Mary Ann is going to Venice Italy and she will be teaching portions of her class during her trip, allowing us to join her via the wonderful world of technology. I can't wait for it to begin. I am more excited about this class than I am Christmas. I can go shopping, bake cookies, wrap gifts and then when I need a break, all I have to do is fire up the internet, sit back and I will be transported to Venice. Not only will I get to see this incredible city through Mary Ann's eyes but I will also learn a new journal binding technique and yet another journal will come to life. 
If you've ever wanted to take an on line class but have not, this class is the one to take. I'd love for you to join me. C'mon lets go.
Now for a little bit of inspiration.
While I didn't intend to go anywhere special on black Friday my oldest daughter and I; after a morning of sleeping in, decided to hit a few stores we don't normally shop in just for fun so we headed to our local Anthropologie (this was so not a good idea, but I'm glad we did) You see I spied this book; The Life of a Bowerbird by Sibella Court. The cover grabbed my interest at first glance. I seriously could not put it down. It's not so much a book you'd read, but rather it is a book that inspires and sets creative fires flickering and burning deep down in your soul. The photography is gorgeous. I could see using this book as a journal. I know that sounds kind of crazy and irreverent given the price of the book but the pages are so roomy and expansive and with all the awesome photos, adding to the pages seems to me like the right thing to use it for and then because it's being used, not just plopped on a table or shelf; justifies the price. I know, kind of crazy but that is how my mind works. The book would also make a great coffee table book which is it's original intent but me, I like to keep things interesting. So how about a peek inside?

Sibella has a wonderful website where you can learn more about her work as well as her other books. It's a fun site to explore. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

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Journal It Giveaway Winner

And the winner is, drum roll please. I know the anticipation is making you insanely crazy so I will make it as brief as possible. Ah, but first I need to thank each and every one who shared and posted. Your kind words, thoughts and enthusiasm are always appreciated. I adore my on-line neighbors very much. You are all the best!!!! Okay now on to the main event. I used the random number generator at and the number picked was
Lynn who posted on 11/16 at 2:34AM
Please contact me so I can get your mailing info.
Big Congrats. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Journal It Giveaway Sneak Peek

The book, paper buffet goodness, hand bound journal.
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Sneak Peek
Journal It 

I am having so much fun putting all of this together for one lucky someone. Here a few details. The journal is 5" wide by 7" tall and has a wrap around fabric cover with a very generous tie closure. Once you begin working in this journal everything will be kept snug inside. There are 20 pages in the journal including 8 fabric pocket pages for notes, photos, clippings. I've included an embellished tag along with a few other goodies tucked inside.
The other pages range from decorative cardstock to hand dyed water color paper. The pages are sturdy and allow for mixed media applications. 

And then there is the paper buffet goodie packet.
You will find a collection of vintage papers pulled from some of my most cherished antique finds, a school girls science note book cica 1908, pages from an typing lesson book along with other rare and one of a kind finds. There is also a collection of Basic Grey scrapbook papers along with other decorative paper scraps, a few tags, paper flowers and vintage photos round out the collection I've gathered. I will be adding to this as I continue to gather and hunt for items to include in this giveaway. 
And of course there is the book; Journal It. The main course of this sweet pre Thanksgiving experience. 
You can still get in on this giveaway by leaving a comment here on the original post. Winner will be announced just after the wee hour of Midnight this coming Friday 11/16.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Journal It Giveaway

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Book Love. Inspiration. & Giveaway
Journal It 
By Jenny Doh

I have been given the immense pleasure of sharing this awesome book with all of you. I was delighted when I was asked to review this new book a few weeks back. It is one I had been keeping an eye on since I learned about it's up-coming release, so to be given a copy was a very sweet and early Christmas gift. I adore books. I adore them even more when they are an art book by someone whose talents I've admired for years.

Jenny gathered together a group of amazing artists; each with their own distinct style of visual journaling. The reader not only gets peeks into each of these artist's journals, but also are given a mini lesson in a technique these artist's generously share. 

No matter what your creative passion, there is something for everyone in this book. The chapters have a beautiful flow to them. First, a brief but satisfying introduction to the featured artist; full color and gorgeous photos of  their journal pages which leads to a technique to experiment with, side-bar style.
Each mini lesson shared, is accompanied with what you will need, awesome photos and detailed yet, not overwhelming instruction. The techniques range from simple, playful, messy fun to more complex and detailed instruction. From there you are given more personal journal peeks and delightful bits of wisdom and insight into the passions of these artists and their thoughts on the process of keeping a visual journal. This book is abundantly fulfilling but also packed with inspiration. In word, AWESOME.

I think one of my favorite aspects about this book is that I am familiar with so many of the represented artist's work. I've visited their blogs, many of them I have linked here on my 'favorite blogs list' and with good reason; they are inspiring and fantastic artists and more importantly are also honest, caring, real people who have lives that they share with the world. They are all creatively brave and share their hearts openly. I admire each of them.

These are artist's who are living their dreams and working hard to do it. Their willingness to share what they love to do with us is a true and real gift. And it is with that spirit that I am hosting a giveaway of this book here on my blog.

And there is more. I will be including a packet of  journal goodies to help kick start your very own visual journal and I will also be including one of my hand bound journals created for this book release. I'm having a party here on my blog and I hope you will join me. The door is open. Come in!!!! 

Here are the nitty, gritty details for your chances to win. Leave a comment with this post here on my blog and your name will be entered once.
Link this post to your blog; make sure you share the link with me and you will be entered twice.

I will announce the winner here on my blog next Friday at midnight CST so check back to see if you've won. I will be posting sneak peeks of the journal that will accompany the book here through out the week so stay tuned. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

She Doesn't Need Wings

Daily Scrap
Art journal page

She doesn't need
wings to fly
her heart will
get her there
one beat 
at a time.

Today, remember to give yourself a little time to fly, it's okay to play, to put aside the demands of work, the details of life and relax. Take time to give yourself permission to do something you love, something that makes you happy, something to remind yourself that you are important and vital and that you matter to someone, so take time to take care of you. 

And in the spirit of giving I am inviting all you to visit tomorrow for details on the party I'm throwing right here on my blog for a chance to win Jenny Doh's new book Journal it, a packet of journal goodies and one of my hand bound journals, made just for this giveaway. All the details will be revealed here tomorrow at about noon, CST.