Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wild Surrender

Daily Scrap
Book Love
Wild Surrender
by Mindy Lacefield

Just gotta share my happiness and love of fellow artist Mindy Lacefield. She has just released her self published book
Wild Surrender which is available both on Amazon and in Mindy's Etsy shop. This sweet book is like owning one of Mindy's own art journals or sketchbooks. It's filled to brimming with Mindy's beautiful art, the gentle wisdom of her poems and observations and a generous serving of inspiration. Opening the cover is much like entering into a magical and sacred place. I felt welcomed into Mindy's world and more importantly; her heart. I truly believe part of her soul lies between the pages which makes the book all that more special. I can't say enough good things about it. What I can say that it is book worth owning and keeping near one's favorite, comfy chair. 

And if that were not enough I'm also excited and delighted to share that Mindy has another on-line class up her sleeve; just in time for the changing of the season's
Field Notes. I've already joined and looking forward to another wonderful class unfolding in the coming weeks. It would be so much fun if you'd join me. I promise we will have the best time ever in a place that is rich in fertile inspiration and is a gathering of kindred spirits.
I've been a busy bee playing with paint, paper and glue. 
I've been working on several canvases;
this one is a work in progress. 

I've got journal pages in the works in my own visual journals, journals in the works for my Etsy shop and have been having a blast creating the last few weeks. 


  1. I will join you dearest Susie, and we will savour the season, with Mindy together.
    Mindy's book is very beautiful. You are right when you say that she shared her soul.
    As indeed you do here xx
    Love you,
    Sue Carey xx

  2. thank you for the heads up about mindy's book, susie! and i am happy to see your painting!