Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let It Snow

Photo courtesy Brittney LaFond

Daily Scrap
On the creation of art 
and art supplies

I am thrilled. Winter is here. My favorite season, my favorite time of year. I love the darkness of the days and night fall coming earlier. And the snow. I've a sort of bond with the snow. I always have. I am a winter person I guess. When it snows I feel a certain sense of calm rather than dread. I don't mind falling temperatures or wind chill factors. Winter slows everything and everyone down and I like that. 
photo courtesy Brittney LaFond
I was recently asked what my favorite art supply was and every time I am asked this my mind races with excitement over all of my paints, brushes, glues and all my much loved tools, but before anything else can happen, before I can break open the paint of glue, I must first break open my heart. My passion and desire are the fuel that drives everything else, without my heart; the stuff would just sit there. So my favorite art supply is my heart. It is where the magic begins. I know that is not really answering the question but no matter how much I adore all of my paint, no matter how much the colors excite or entice, when my heart is not in the process all color seems to turn to 'mud'. The words don't connect, the images feel wrong; something isn't right. When my heart is engaged there is 'true' flow in the process and then I can pick and choose what I want to use in that moment and the tools have their purpose defined. 
These are a few more pages in my wild and crazy journal from my last post. 
Each empty page is a challenge that asks me to stretch and pull my imagination to explore new territory, pushing my comfort zone across my own imposed boundaries. 


  1. Wonderful post, and I love your pages. Are you stitching on them before or after binding? I love their simplicity. I also love this time of year, the darkening time. I'm definitely a fall/winter person.

  2. i could not agree more, susie... when my heart's not in what i'm painting/creating, it's empty. a hollow creation instead of one that sings and makes my eyes smile! in fact, i just can't do anything creatively when my heart's not in it. there's no point...

    i love brittney's photos!



  3. Your work is so amazing Susie. I just love it!!!