Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visual Dialogue No. 2 Artist Book

Artist Book
Visual Dialogue
No. 2
Be Brave

I started making these little artist books last year. They are fun to create and share. Each is unique and all are one-of-kinds. These 'dialogues' are created from all the various left over scraps and bits that I keep in a tray on my work table. When the tray becomes full I will spill it out and start to make pages; the pages are all scraps and are all the 'cuttings' from the larger pieces of paper they are from. 
These artist books can take any form. The first one I produced in a zine format. You can see some of the pages of it here. This one is made from a re-purposed vintage book which provided the covers I used and 200 weight watercolor paper.
This wee book is 4" tall by 3" inches wide. The pages I used as they were cut so they are longer than the cover and are exposed when the covers are closed. There are 5 total pages equaling 10 sides of artwork.

I work intuitively as I create these pages which is I why I started calling these books 'visual dialogues'. A conversation that happens between my hands, my heart and my eyes. A silent conversation yet full of emotion.
Often times the scraps are incomplete so there is room for personal interpretation. I allow some of the pages to be minimal and sparse, while others are more complete but still allow room for a 'conversation' between the elements to begin. How I see them, how they are placed and balanced against each other. 

I used a variety of scraps to create the pages, including vintage papers, photo, fabric, various collage fodder including magazine scraps. Each page begins a dialogue with the viewer. Each page holds a secret that has the ability to change from day to day. If you listen it will hold a message for you too.
I've listed this in my Etsy shop.


  1. Wow, Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm addicted to saving scraps and recycling, and I LOVE what you have done with yours here!

  2. I just found you on flickr. Love, love, love your work!!! So inspiring. Will be back to see what you are creating next.