Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You're Awesome

On super bowl Sunday I pulled out my paints and spent the entire day down in my art studio. I started my first paintings of 2014. It felt wonderful to see where the paint would lead me.
I started out with a base layer of white paint and let it dry and then the real fun began.
When it came time to add some text I had written a short poem I had intended on using but as I looked at the painting and that bright, happy sun I was reminded of a much loved and favorite commercial.

Take a peek and you'll see why.
12 by 12 inch wood panel.
Golden's fluid and High Flow acrylics, Golden's light modeling paste, paper collage elements, graphite, 005 Micron pen
Whenever I paint I generally will start a couple so I can alternate between them, so I also began this one-
She Belongs To The Sea 
and finished it yesterday. It was created with the same materials as 'You're Awesome'.
Both of these were inspired by Mindy Lacefield's class


  1. love these, susie!! you have such a sweet, sweet touch. and a knowingness about just where to put things...


  2. Beatutiful! The 'You're awesome' one is just...well...awesome! I love the soft colours you use.