Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sparks Of Madness

Infinity and Eternity journals.

"You're only given a spark of madness. You mustn't lose it"
Robin Williams

These 2 journals are my 'sparks of madness' and insane to create. Infinity; on the left is 5" by 5" and roughly about 10" long when it is fully extended and has a nice long wrap around closure that keeps it snug. It has 8 spines which hold 10 pages each for a total of 80 pages. Eternity is Infinity's diminutive sibling at 3" by 3" and about 14" long when it is fully extended with an even longer closure it keep it contained. It has 16 spines each holding 10 tiny pages for a total of 160 and when you factor in that each page has 2 sides, that is a lot of pages.
Eternity top view
Eternity side view
 I designed each of these journal constructions. The covers are made from 300 weight watercolor paper that are fabric covered and sewn on my sewing machine. Each cover is completely sewn together. Each spine holds a signature of pages. The design itself is intuitive. As each set of pages are turned/revealed the journal itself moves naturally to the next set of pages until you get to the end. If a 'Rubik's Cube' were a journal this is how it would work. The journal itself turns in your hands as you explore it's pages. When I first conceived this idea I created a paper prototype to determine if it would work or not before I put my time and materials into it. It worked. 

Whenever I think about making myself a journal, I almost always want the journal itself to be an adventure as I work in it. I want anyone who sees them to wonder how it's made and make them want to peek inside. Not all of my journals are quite this elaborate but each journal I make is always more than just a cover holding a set of pages. Each journal always has it's own special magic, it's own spark of madness whether it be a complex design, unusual shape or size or the textures and fabrics used in their creation as in this journal; Beautiful Day.
Beautiful Day journal
front cover
Beautiful Day is a 9" by 12" sewn journal that has a patch work of textures and fabrics for it's covers.
spine is about 2" wide
back cover

Infinity, Eternity are both journals I am working in at the moment. Beautiful Day will probably find it's way to my Etsy shop when I finish binding in it's pages. It is still a work in progress. I'm concentrating on Infinity and Eternity at the moment and needless to say they are time consuming. Wink!


  1. ah, susie! i love your madness!!

    smiling a big smile... : )

  2. All gorgeous but I really love Infinity and Eternity.

  3. Your journals are so pretty Susie - great work

  4. Your art and creativity are inspiring, to say the least. In overwhelming awe while browsing your blog.