Thursday, October 22, 2015

Infinity Journals Workshop - Doors Are Open

Infinity Journals Workshop
is now open.

It took me a lot longer to get this workshop launched and out of the box but it's ready to go and up and running. 

After much thought and deliberation I decided to offer my 'Infinity' and 'Eternity' style journals as two different workshops. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, I had pretty much finished everything I needed for both the paper and fabric style versions of the 'Infinity' journal lessons. I finished everything on that portion of the workshop yesterday. 

As I sat in my studio and looked at everything I still had to do to get everything completed for the Eternity portion, I knew there was no way I could get it all done before the holidays. My goal all along was to get this workshop up and running before the holidays and since the 'infinity' portion was ready to go decided to run with it. 

As I look at my schedule, it will probably be sometime in late Spring before I can finish the 'Eternity' workshop and open it. It is still actively in the works. 

So here is the scoop on the workshop.

Journal Workshop
 Infinity Journal 
 5" by 5"
 8 spines
 all interconnected.
 Journals that appear to go on forever. 
Unique construction.
1 Journal.
2 ways.
 Fabric version
 Paper version.
2 projects. 
and bonus material
to enhance your pages with paint.
Each journal style will be presented 
in an all paper construction. 
along with a sewn fabric version.
(Sewing machine will be necessary)
So if you just want to learn how to create a unique journal
using paper, you can and if you love to sew;
you can make the journals using fabric as well.
The choice is yours.

I'll show you all the tricks you need to create your own
versions of an Infinity style journal.
The workshop includes tons and tons of large, full color
photos that detail each step of the process, along with clear 
instruction that will take you step by step through the 
construction of the journal; in each style. 
This workshop is presented in an E-book format
and includes a small amount of video content.
All the material is substantially supported by written material
and a vast arsenal of step by step photos. 
 All for $45.00

Work at your own pace, all of the material will be available
once you have registered for the class.
 Class will be hosted on private blog and there will be 
a private Facebook group for those who want to 
share their work and creative insights with others in the class.
I will always be close by to answer questions and offer 
suggestions as needed. 
All the material is presented in user friendly PDF format which 
can be saved and or printed for lifetime access and video are

 Please note. I handle all registrations manually
 so please allow me 24 hours to process your order
Link is also in side bar.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Curious Collections and Oddities Part 1

Curious Collections

Altered Cigar Box
D. Tedeschi 

I am a member of Teesha and Tracy Moore's 
Artstronauts Club. It's a fantastic gathering of artists and like minded souls. It costs a mere $5.00 a month to join. There is so, so much inspiration on this site. Awesome!!!!  Recently Tracy shared one of his first journals and talked about the early history of Zettiology on the club site. Really cool stuff and it reminded of all the swaps I had hosted when I first discovered the art of Teesha and Tracy back in the mid 90's. I became obsessed and couldn't get enough of it. 

Art Doll
Inspired by Teesha and 
her quilted 'pillow' technique.
Susie Lafond

As I started to explore the world of mixed media one of the things I did was join as many art groups that I could find that were on line at the time, and in a matter of months had discovered an entire community of like minded artists. These folks were not only sharing their work on line but also hosting swaps of various kinds where they were trading their original art work with each other. I soooooo jumped onto this freight train and for a couple of years I went swap crazy. In doing so I amassed a wonderful collection of artist trading cards, stamps, mini books, tags, and other delightful oddities. 

Dangly Thingy Swap
Art by 
S. Meyers

Once I had gotten my feet wet and knew my way around the 'swap' block I began hosting my own and one of my all time favorite swaps was my 'Zettiology' altered cigar box swap.
Each of us had to alter a cigar box Zetti, style and then include a 'Zetti-artifact'; one for each of the players; if memory serves me, I believe there were a dozen or so of us who participated.

These are some of the boxes created in that swap.
A few generous players included an additional box that they had made for me to keep, along side the box that was made to be swapped. The generosity of artists is something I cherish and hold dear. 

Each person then mailed their boxes and artifacts to me and I, in turn swapped out the contents of each box and each player received another artist's box filled with 12 different 'artifacts', one from each player. It was one of the coolest and funkiest swaps I ever hosted and I am kind of thinking this would be fun to do again. Swaps are a ton of work and postage back in 2004 was quite a bit cheaper. A large flat rate box was maybe $8.00 or so. Now it would be costlier and not sure if there would be as much interest as there was back then. Everyone was hosting swaps and trading art. It was to say the least, a very generous period in the community of artists who had just begun to discover the world of artist blogs and websites. Facebook and Etsy were still in their infancy.

I have a wonderful collection of artist trading cards and all manner of different things scattered around my studio and I am constantly reminded of the sweet artists who shared them and the fun and enjoyment of trading and sharing art. 

Art doll
artist unknown

Over the next few days I will share each of these creations and their contents. Some of these boxes were not signed by the artists who created them so I will do my best to identify each artist and I apologize when there is no signature on a piece. 
(if you happen to be the artist of something you see, please do let me know so I can credit your work)

Altered  Zettiolgy themed cigar box
D. Tedeschi 
Top view.

Side view.
Back side.
Other side.
Inside lid.
The 'Zettiology' inspired 'artifacts' inside.

The artifacts.
My personal favorite. 
Pointy hat 
Lou McCullough

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artists unknown.

This was my contribution.
I added a little packet of 
'magic' seeds on the back 
of each of these.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artists unknown.

L. Leonard.

Left: by Linda Koch.
Center: Artist unknown.
Right: by Dragon Lady.

Left: Artist unknown.
Center: Candy Phillips
Right: Ellen Grandman

Left: Punwit
Right: Ellen Grandman
Many tiny 'artifact' books.
Artists unknown.
Secret Life: by Laurie Gatlin.
Lou McCullough

More to come.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Things Around Here. My Alien Being.....

Recent Journaling.

Slowly but surely I'm finding my way back.
Since Labor day weekend, I've been having some health issues. A couple of trips to my physician, one CT, and 2 trips to the ER; which happened last week, and not quite sure if I've made any progress that affirms I am actually on the mend.

Can I just say how much I hate, despise and loath antibiotics. Up till now I've never had any issues with these drugs, but for this they have become my worst nightmare. The first round they had me on lasted 4 days before I high tailed it back to the ER because 1. the stuff left a nasty, nasty prevailing taste in my mouth that made eating and drinking anything impossible. Plain water tasted like a chemical solution. Any bottled juice or water was worse. Food. Nothing could cover the chemical taste and my own saliva was making me nauseous. And 2, well I won't go into the other unpleasant details that were all side affects from the antibiotics. I was 'insert expletive of choice' miserable.

So after a 9 hour stay in the ER last Tuesday, 5 blood draws, getting me pumped with fluids since I was dehydrated, and trying to get me to eat which wasn't happening and then pumping me with some stuff to help with the nausea. They came to the conclusion that the drugs were only making things worse not better and put me on another antibiotic. 

So that brings me to now. I'm better but the drugs are still playing havoc with my system. I can at least eat and drink and have something I can take if the nausea returns, which it has a few times since last week. So what do I have; diverticulitis, with a tiny perforation. I've never had anything like this and let me tell ya, it's kind of like having an alien being inside your tummy, tying knots in your intestines. I've since found out that my sister has had it, as well as one of my sister-in-laws. It is expletive, expletive awful. The only good news was that they decided surgery was not needed and that the drugs would take care of it. Yeah, right. Tell that to my tummy, which feels at constant war with itself. I've been told to wait and see what happens once I'm done with the drugs which will be on Friday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that, hopefully by the weekend, I will be back to normal or at least a little more so than what I've felt like for the past 6 weeks.

I've had no energy, and when I do my internal alien lets me know he is there, kicking and beating up my insides. Little bastard that he is. Sorry but I've had it. Anyway, on the bright side, I've been working on a few journal pages and finished them. These are 2 that came together since all of this started on Labor Day.  

As I look at them, I find the muted colors quite revealing to how I've been feeling. No bright colors, a little bit flat, a little dull, but since the whole point of keeping a visual journal is to have a place to 'real' and 'genuine'; these then are accurate depictions. It felt good to sit for a bit, and just let whatever happened happen. I remember one day sitting for a long while just making small marks. And for that amount of time, felt at least like I was getting out of my 'sick' mood. That felt good. 

So that is how things around here have been. I'll keep you posted. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wanderlust 2016 Giveaway

“Wanderlust 2016 First Ever Giveaway

Fancy winning almost £150 (US$225 €200) of fabulous mixed media and art goodies?

Everything Art are giving away a chance to win this one amazing prize for anyone who buys a place on their new fabulous year long mixed media and art journaling online class called Wanderlust from 1st of September until 15th of December 2015. (Everyone who has already bought is already included in the draw!!!) The price of Wanderlust 2016 until 15th of December is £65 (approx $100 / €89), after this date it will go up to £99, so save money by booking it now and be in for the chance to win this fabulous prize.

Dive into the world of creativity and get a head start with these fabulous prizes:

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Pocket Colour Wheel
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Prima Finnabair Art Basics - 3d Matte Gel 236ml
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Catalyst Contour No 61 Mint
Prima - Chalk Egders By Ingvild Bolme - Lime Pie
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Scrapbook Diaries stamp designed by Kasia
The Crafters Workshop TCW459s Mini Harlequin Circles 6x6 Stencil
Prima Finnabair Elementals Stencil Netting

The lucky winner will be announced 1st of January 2016 on Everything Art Facebook page and online community.”

Winning all this would be like having Christmas all over again.
Good luck to everyone and thanks bunches to those of you
who have already signed up through my blog. Big hugs to you.