Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Bunch Of Bundles

These 'curious bundles' are
looking for homes.
They have the leading roles 
in my up coming on-line workshop 
that opens on Monday 4/27.
They guys were the samples created 
for the class demonstrations.
I have so many bundles underfoot 
at the moment and I can't fill 
them all myself so some just have to go. 
Vintage Typewriter
'Curious Bundle'
8" tall by 7.5" wide
56" long
13 packed pockets
Quirky Birds
Flip Hidden Spine Curious Bundle Journal
11" tall by 9" wide
19 stuffed pockets
This bundle consists of 2 panels that unfold 
and reveal a hidden set of pockets.
The 2 panels measurements are:
11" tall and unfolds to 37" in length.
8" tall and unfolds to 48" in length.
When Life Throws You Scraps
Swiss Cross 'Curious Bundle' Journal
This is a hefty, handful of a journal. 
It is 9.5" tall and 8.5" wide
and unfolds to reveal a Swiss Cross.
The bundle has a total of 24 pockets 
that hold a variety of papers.
It's stuffed full. 
The bundle consist of 2 panels sewn together
each panel is 61" in length. 

Thanks for peekin'


  1. Oh wow! You have been busy. I made one. Gave it to a friend who would appreciate such a thing. She loved it. Thank you for the inspiration!!! I may need to make another just for me.