Sunday, August 2, 2015

Road Trip Summer 2015

Before I share my grand
summer road trip,
This is what I've been working 
on since my return home. 
This is the cover of one of 
the journals I will be featuring
in my next on-line workshop.
I've been putting most of my 
art time into getting all the
samples made and taking oodles 
of photographs of everything. 

It's been far too long since I've updated
my home here on the web. 
I'm blowing off the dust and
pulling down the cobwebs.

It's been a busy summer.
We; my daughter, her boyfriend and I
(hubby sat this one out at home)
 began the season with a jam 
packed, whirlwind trip west.

***all photos courtesy Brittney LaFond***

In a week's time; we drove from our 
home in Minnesota to Denver Colorado.
(our first time there)
with brief pit stops in Iowa and Nebraska.
While in Colorado we visited
Denver, Boulder and Golden.
From there we flew to Las Vegas Nevada.
Mountain vistas far below.
(my 2nd time there and my daughter and her boyfriend's first)
We spent 4 day's in Vegas
at the Luxor Hotel.
We spent time walking the strip and seeing the sites.
had an outrageous time on Fremont Street 
and drove to the Hoover Dam 
which is pretty darn awesome.

And on our last day in Vegas we drove 
to Los Angeles, California.

We attended CineGear Expo at Paramount Studios.
(CineGear is a trade show for the television and movie industry)

We visited Santa Monica Pier

and ate dinner ocean-side at an awesome restaurant
and then watched the sunset on Venice Beach,
which was quiet; a surprise since
we'd been told to expect it to be crowded.

 We only had a handful of hours for our visit to 
California so we kept within one area 
and made the best of it.
We saw a lot of it from the car,
driving briefly through the iconic
Beverly Hills, seeing the 
giant 'Hollywood' sign way off in the distance,
past streets I knew by name but 
had never been on in person. 

Seeing with my eyes and gathering 
sweet memories that will remain 
in my heart for a very long time.
I want to go back sooner than later.

We drove back to Las Vegas, grabbed a few hours 
of sleep and then hopped on a plane 
back to Denver where we spent another night
and then drove back to Minnesota the next day 
We arrived home at about 2 in the morning,
exhausted. We had a fun filled adventure.
I'd do it again in a heart beat.


  1. susie! that is so cool! what a wonderful trip! i'm all exclamation marks here - i can't help it! i love that you took such a gorgeous whirlwind trip. we were kinda close to each other for a couple of days. : )


  2. Sounds like a wonderful time, spent with family <3
    Can't wait to learn more about your next class Susie.