Thursday, October 22, 2015

Infinity Journals Workshop - Doors Are Open

Infinity Journals Workshop
is now open.

It took me a lot longer to get this workshop launched and out of the box but it's ready to go and up and running. 

After much thought and deliberation I decided to offer my 'Infinity' and 'Eternity' style journals as two different workshops. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, I had pretty much finished everything I needed for both the paper and fabric style versions of the 'Infinity' journal lessons. I finished everything on that portion of the workshop yesterday. 

As I sat in my studio and looked at everything I still had to do to get everything completed for the Eternity portion, I knew there was no way I could get it all done before the holidays. My goal all along was to get this workshop up and running before the holidays and since the 'infinity' portion was ready to go decided to run with it. 

As I look at my schedule, it will probably be sometime in late Spring before I can finish the 'Eternity' workshop and open it. It is still actively in the works. 

So here is the scoop on the workshop.

Journal Workshop
 Infinity Journal 
 5" by 5"
 8 spines
 all interconnected.
 Journals that appear to go on forever. 
Unique construction.
1 Journal.
2 ways.
 Fabric version
 Paper version.
2 projects. 
and bonus material
to enhance your pages with paint.
Each journal style will be presented 
in an all paper construction. 
along with a sewn fabric version.
(Sewing machine will be necessary)
So if you just want to learn how to create a unique journal
using paper, you can and if you love to sew;
you can make the journals using fabric as well.
The choice is yours.

I'll show you all the tricks you need to create your own
versions of an Infinity style journal.
The workshop includes tons and tons of large, full color
photos that detail each step of the process, along with clear 
instruction that will take you step by step through the 
construction of the journal; in each style. 
This workshop is presented in an E-book format
and includes a small amount of video content.
All the material is substantially supported by written material
and a vast arsenal of step by step photos. 
 All for $45.00

Work at your own pace, all of the material will be available
once you have registered for the class.
 Class will be hosted on private blog and there will be 
a private Facebook group for those who want to 
share their work and creative insights with others in the class.
I will always be close by to answer questions and offer 
suggestions as needed. 
All the material is presented in user friendly PDF format which 
can be saved and or printed for lifetime access and video are

 Please note. I handle all registrations manually
 so please allow me 24 hours to process your order
Link is also in side bar.


  1. Just signed up for this class Susie and I can't wait to get started! Your journals are so beautiful!

  2. Love your journals. Just found one on Pinterest and hade to come here to check your work out. So yummy and fun with all the different books you make!

  3. I love this journal! This is great. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing!


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