Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Things Around Here. My Alien Being.....

Recent Journaling.

Slowly but surely I'm finding my way back.
Since Labor day weekend, I've been having some health issues. A couple of trips to my physician, one CT, and 2 trips to the ER; which happened last week, and not quite sure if I've made any progress that affirms I am actually on the mend.

Can I just say how much I hate, despise and loath antibiotics. Up till now I've never had any issues with these drugs, but for this they have become my worst nightmare. The first round they had me on lasted 4 days before I high tailed it back to the ER because 1. the stuff left a nasty, nasty prevailing taste in my mouth that made eating and drinking anything impossible. Plain water tasted like a chemical solution. Any bottled juice or water was worse. Food. Nothing could cover the chemical taste and my own saliva was making me nauseous. And 2, well I won't go into the other unpleasant details that were all side affects from the antibiotics. I was 'insert expletive of choice' miserable.

So after a 9 hour stay in the ER last Tuesday, 5 blood draws, getting me pumped with fluids since I was dehydrated, and trying to get me to eat which wasn't happening and then pumping me with some stuff to help with the nausea. They came to the conclusion that the drugs were only making things worse not better and put me on another antibiotic. 

So that brings me to now. I'm better but the drugs are still playing havoc with my system. I can at least eat and drink and have something I can take if the nausea returns, which it has a few times since last week. So what do I have; diverticulitis, with a tiny perforation. I've never had anything like this and let me tell ya, it's kind of like having an alien being inside your tummy, tying knots in your intestines. I've since found out that my sister has had it, as well as one of my sister-in-laws. It is expletive, expletive awful. The only good news was that they decided surgery was not needed and that the drugs would take care of it. Yeah, right. Tell that to my tummy, which feels at constant war with itself. I've been told to wait and see what happens once I'm done with the drugs which will be on Friday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that, hopefully by the weekend, I will be back to normal or at least a little more so than what I've felt like for the past 6 weeks.

I've had no energy, and when I do my internal alien lets me know he is there, kicking and beating up my insides. Little bastard that he is. Sorry but I've had it. Anyway, on the bright side, I've been working on a few journal pages and finished them. These are 2 that came together since all of this started on Labor Day.  

As I look at them, I find the muted colors quite revealing to how I've been feeling. No bright colors, a little bit flat, a little dull, but since the whole point of keeping a visual journal is to have a place to 'real' and 'genuine'; these then are accurate depictions. It felt good to sit for a bit, and just let whatever happened happen. I remember one day sitting for a long while just making small marks. And for that amount of time, felt at least like I was getting out of my 'sick' mood. That felt good. 

So that is how things around here have been. I'll keep you posted. 


  1. Oh gosh, I sure hope you feel better soon. You're wise to be cautious about all those drugs. Anyway, your pages are great, always.See you back at the club, fellow Artstonaut!

  2. hope they get you on the mend soon-my brother in law and husband both get this from time to time. it's more common the older we get. my neighbor found out she has it too~

  3. So sorry you've been sick! From your description, it sounds like you were taking clindamycin...I know that horrible taste in the mouth all too well...take care of yourself! I look forward to seeing your art again...

  4. So sorry for you illness. Hope you feel better soon. I suffer from bouts of this also. No fun! I have learned not to eat certain foods like seeds, corn, popcorn, nuts, etc. The doctors will tell you its okay to eat those things, but I suspect they've never experienced the pain of a flareup. I've also figured out the first symptoms of a flare up and switch to an all liquid diet for 3 days.

  5. Please get lots of rest...and listen to your body. I also suffer with diverticulitis & know how miserable it is. It's not something to mess with. I'm sending good healing energy your way...and I find your dull brooding art journal pages interesting...letting your inner feelings out in your visual expressions. FEEL BETTER SOON!

  6. My father-in-law has this as well. Sounds horrible. i hope you feel better soon.

  7. susie, holy crap!! i'm sorry to hear this! i hope you figure out what will help you heal so you don't have to take the drugs. they sound awful. but i sure love the pages you made as the result of this... they're wonderful...

    here's to speedy healing my friend...