Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little Lovlies

Little Lovlies.
Tiny Journals 
Big Hearts.

Layers and texture.
Stitched embellishments.
Pages lay flat for easy journaling.
300lb watercolor paper that will hold up
to anything you might want to add to the pages.
It's a sturdy wee journal with a big and strong heart. 
This wee journal won't let you down.

I started making these last weekend.
I put them into my Etsy and before I could really share them anywhere else they were gone so I am busy making more of them and as I was thinking about them, I was smacked with a pretty huge dose of inspiration. 

Some of you might remember this journal.
I created it in Mary Ann Moss's 
Full Tilt Boogie class many years ago
using covers from a vintage photo album.
It's 17" tall so I decided I'd bind it 
with 3 sets of signatures that could be opened
independently of each other. It's a big
journal with over 300 pages. 

I've been asked several times to make more of them for my Etsy but to be honest, it was a lot of work and I have not had the desire to make another one. 

Over the weekend though as i was making my wee 'little lovelies, an idea began to form of making a 3 tiered version in the style of the above journal only on a much smaller scale. 
Totally doable and will be available at a very gentle price
when they are done. 

So making these
have become my current obsession.

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